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Dr. Reiss is an extraordinary Chiropractor. For the last ten years I had acute pain in my neck and TMJ area, The pain was constant and it was a great source of distress in my life. I lived in London for most of this time, where I saw dozens of different specialists from top orthopedists, acupuncturists, masseuses, physiotherapists and even other chiropractors, but no one could relieve my pain.

I saw Dr. Reiss through the recommendation of a friend shortly after I moved to Chicago. Dr. Reiss is unlike any other specialist I had seen, he takes the time to listen to his patients and work on their problems, the sessions last around an hour, where he will tirelessly and wholeheartedly work on your problem until it improves using different techniques.

In just a month my condition had improved and I felt better than I did during the last decade. I highly recommend Dr. Reiss, he is extremely skilled, down to earth, and very efficient. In my opinion he is the best.

Alice C. Actress

I have been a patient of Dr. Reiss' for 18 years. I was a frequent patient in the beginning, but with his help, I only come in for an adjustment occasionally. He has always been able to fit me in, understanding the extreme pain one can have with spinal cord pain. He is knowledgeable in natural cures and exercises to help the healing process. He has never pushed me to have extra treatments that I didn't need, but did use other treatments when needed.

Also, he is an excellent adjuster. He doesn't use too much force, but always seems to get the job done! Still an excellent doctor after 18 years!

Mary M. Realtor

I work in an office setting which means repetitious movements and being bent over a computer 40+ hrs a week. Before I started seeing Dr. Reiss, I was not able to sit at my desk for more than an hour each day before the pain and aches would set in. My first visit to Dr. Reiss was great. He talked me through his plan of progress and took the time to explain to me what was happening with my back/shoulders.

Dr. Reiss was able to help get my over abused muscles back in balance and teach me steps to strengthening the correct muscles needed for posture and correct back/core strength. He used a variety of techniques and after every treatment I could feel a distinct improvement in my upper back/shoulder area.

He has a very relaxed setting and great about being flexible with schedule changes. I would highly recommend him for anyone whether it be help with recovering from an injury or learning to use the correct muscles in your day to day life to avoid aches and pains associated with stagnant office life.

Nicole H. Health Insurance Actuary

Seven months into chiropractic and acupuncture treatment with other doctors (for a herniated disc), I felt as though my recovery had hit a wall. One step forward seemed to result in three steps backwards. I met with Dr. Reiss over a period of three days. In addition to adjustments, Dr. Reiss took the time to educate me about the specific nature of my condition and also taught me numerous exercises designed to improve my condition and my quality of life. I am very grateful to have new "tools" for addressing my situation and I credit Dr. Reiss with putting me on the path to recovery. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Dr. Reiss.

Eric H. President, Securities Company

Working hospitality is hard on the body. I heard about Dr. Reiss from a coworker who was in bad shape and he went to Dr. Reiss and said the results were amazing. I'd never been to a chiropractor so I wasn't sure what to expect but I definitely needed help. I could barely stand up straight and it was painful to walk on my first visit.

Dr. Reiss made me feel so comfortable and relaxed through the entire exam and adjustment. Any questions I had I felt confident I got a complete, expert answer. He offered suggestions on how to keep my back healthy and was always available for any follow up questions I had. After that first visit, I walked right out his office pain-free and as if nothing had happened.

In addition, Dr. Reiss is extremely well versed on how insurance works. Some providers either won't cover you at all or will only offer very minimal coverage for visiting a chiropractor. Dr. Reiss walked me through how my insurance would bill me and helped make sure anything out-of-pocket was something small, if at all. Gotta love that. Dr. Reiss all the way—I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Nicole F. Hospitality

On arriving in Chicago from a long haul flight I hurt my lower back whilst lifting my suitcase. I contacted Dr. Reiss via email to request an appointment and received a prompt reply. My appointment was a day or so later. The atmosphere in the Oak Street Practice was calm and relaxing. I explained to Dr. Reiss what had happened he then made a thorough examination of my spine. After receiving a range of pain-free treatment Dr. Reiss advised me on aftercare. The whole experience was relaxing, effective, pain-free and informative.

Paula S. Visiting Scholar

Dr. Reiss is the best. I’ve had issues with my back over the past five years and he has always got me back on course. He truly understands your issues and addresses them with the appropriate technique and care.

Jeff C. Business Owner

Dr. Ron, of Oak Street Chiropractic Care, was very understanding of my needs; very helpful and professional. A year after my son was born, I was experiencing intense middle back pain, and avoided treatment thinking it would resolve itself on its own. After months of restricting my movements I eventually had trouble just sitting upright without pain.

After the very first visit I experienced pain reduction of 50%. After my first 5 visits I was completely out of pain and am now working on getting my mobility back. Dr. Ron offers highly personalized care and goes above and beyond standard chiropractic care. He truly takes the time to listen to your concerns, explains your treatment options and wastes no time getting you back on track. I would highly recommend him and his services to anybody in need.

Tamara C. Customer Service, Investment Firm

I saw Dr. Ron when I had trouble walking and terrible back pain. After my treatment I was able to walk normally with very little pain. He delivers services and patient care above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Ron to anyone seeking compassionate, professional chiropractic care.

Sam D. President, Staffing Company

Hello Everyone, my name is George I have an ailment called Cervical Dystonia. For a few years during the mid 1990’s it looked like my ear was trying to touch my shoulder. These symptoms are usually treated with botox. I started seeing Dr. Ron in 1999 and since then have been in a lot less pain and have steadily improved.

He has also treated tendonitis in my elbow and taken care of a rotator cuff problem. Both of which are now basically pain free. Thanks, Dr. Ron.

George C. Veteran

All I can say is he's a rare find... I've known Dr. Reiss for over 10 years and he's the only person I trust with my back & neck! He is innovative and knowledgable and will get to the root of the problem. His quaint office is no frills and gets the job done. You will not be disappointed! I have never been in better hands.

Julie S. Bar Manager

Dr. Ron is the best. I have had chronic back pain for eight years, now, and nothing has helped. I have tried everything, physical therapy, pain clinic, invasive shots (including botox—what!), pills, and other chiropractors. But now, I am in my third month with Dr. Ron, and my pain is down by 70%, and he still works with me on a variety of things—obtaining herbal pills to help with my back and symptoms of fibromyalgia, postural training to help with extreme muscle tightness and pain, and introducing me to a pillow which helps support my neck and back, again allowing for my pain to lessen.

Dr. Ron is also very accommodating and generous. He is always willing to meet at a time that fits my schedule. I have been to other chiropractors where I am out in fifteen minutes, and the pain continued and my extreme fear of additional adjustments was reinforced. Now, with Dr. Ron, I feel that I have full attention, and if I have a little bit more pain, Dr. Ron makes an effort to make sure that the location of the pain is taken care of. Dr. Ron is also very patient with my fear of adjustments and talks me through each one.

I suggest that anyone with any type of pain or issue go see Dr. Ron, he truly cares about his patients and it seems that his passion in his chiropractic care is quality over quantity.

Constance C. Teacher

Dr. Reiss is a miracle worker. I’ve had sporadic problems with my lower back for the past few years, and each time I strain it, he’s able to get me back in working order in one visit, and back to 100% after a therapeutic follow up visit or two.

Oak Street’s space is relaxed and comfortable, and Dr. Reiss does a great job pinpointing your needs and targeting problem areas with an array of therapies, not just the old crack and pop.

I leave feeling like a million bucks, without spending one.

Scott V. Sales Representative, Mountain Biker

Dr. Ron Reiss is amazing, taking my injured shoulder from 35% health to 90% with even more movement than I have had in a long time. Being an active mountain biker, he knew how to help with mobility, strength and confidence.

Dr. Reiss is very considerate and makes you feel very comfortable, he went above and beyond to make sure I was back to normal, with excercises to do at home and changing my diet.

I highly recommend him if someone else tells you that you can’t get better, because I was told I needed surgery and with Dr. Reiss’ help I am back in the Game!!

Jimmy D. Desktop Publisher, Mountain Biker

Dr. Reiss is incredible, his knowledge of chiropractic care and the details that are included are astonishing! I have had a few sports-related injuries to my lower back, and Dr. Reiss has always been able to pinpoint my symptoms and treat them accordingly. Very comfortable office visit experience, great treatment therapies and that’s right plural not just an adjustment. I highly recommend Oak Street Chiropractic Care.

Jeremy K. Graphic Designer, Mountain Biker